Workshop Descriptions

Rainbow Days Training offers a variety of relevant professional development topics in a choice of venues. Offerings are available on-site, through state and national conferences, Rainbow Days Training sponsored opportunities and webinars. Typical blocks of time are 1, 1.5- and 3-hour, however these can be adjusted for your needs. Subject matter is categorized for ease of reference in the following categories:

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences/Trauma Informed Care (ACE/TIC)
  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
  • Building Your Facilitator’s Toolbox
  • Child & Adolescent Development
  • Fundamentals of Prevention
  • Organizational School & Leaders Capacity Building
  • Self-Care

If a topic of interest is not currently described in the offerings, please contact us at and one of our Master Trainers will be happy to discuss your organization or individual needs.

The Building Blocks of Resiliency

This workshop will explore ways to educate parents, educators and community members in how to raise resilient children who have the skills needed to value their unique capabilities, show empathy and have respect for self and others, maintain meaningful relationships, make responsible decisions and achieve positive goals.  

Enhancing Cultural Competency

In this workshop, participants will identify ways to manage cultural prejudices/biases utilizing the videos, “Managing Your Prejudices, and Flash Judgements”, discuss the Cultural Competency Continuum, and examine their own biases in a safe environment.