Description of Workshops

Cultural Sensitivity – A Look at Ourselves

In this workshop participants will discuss the definitions of Culture, Cultural Competence, Cultural Humility, and Cultural Sensitivity as they pertain to Prevention Professionals, Clinical staff, Administrators, and Directors. Participants will look deeper at the...

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Enhancing Cultural Competency

In this workshop, participants will identify ways to manage cultural prejudices/biases utilizing the videos, “Managing Your Prejudices, and Flash Judgements”, discuss the Cultural Competency Continuum, and examine their own biases in a safe environment.

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The Enneagram – Nine Basic Types of People: What Type Are You?

In this workshop the nine different personality styles or numbers will be explored. Each one has a distinct way of viewing the world that powerfully influences how each type thinks, feels, and acts. The workshop will also touch on how your type influences your professional and personal relationships and behaviors.

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