Symposium 2019 Handouts

Symposium Quotes

Celebrating Courageous Heroes – Brown & Daley (handouts not available)

The Fire in Your Belly, Finding Your Field of Fascination – Langbein (handouts given at workshop)

Film/Discussion: Resilience – The Biology of Stress & The Science of Hope – Brown & Daley (handouts given at workshop)

How to Evolve in the Non-Profit World – Merlino (handouts not available)

Problematic Sexual Behavior: Compulsive Porn & Sex Issues – Kindley (handouts not available)

Everything I Know About Leadership I Learned from Patrick Swayze – Davis

Life Skills for a Stressful World – Miller (handouts given at workshop)

Who Has Time for Sleep? Even Super Heroes Need a Good Night’s Sleep – Campinha-Bacote (part 2)

Effective Coalition Building and Coordination – Holt (handouts not available)

How to Save a Life: Understanding Youth Suicide and Prevention – Halliburton

Storytelling: Let Your Superhero Story Shine – Smith (part 2) (Storytelling Exercise HandoutStorytelling Outline)

Educating Pharmacists on Prescription Drug Misuse Prevention in Texas – Strey, Fleming & Thornton

Bullying: Deconstructing “Why” and Analyzing the Research – Campinha-Bacote

Right, Wrong or Effective? Communicating in a Way to Achieve the Results You Want – Blackburn (handouts not available)

Positive Activities: How to Have Fun and Open Up Discussions with Children & Adolescents – Darling (handouts not available)

Facilitated Discussion of “Call to Courage” (video by Brené Brown) – Brown & Daley (handouts given at workshop)

Rise & Shine – Darling (handouts not available)

What is That Teen Doing with the Whipped Cream? – Darling

The Courage of Your Vision – and facing the giants that stand in your way – Covington

Up, Up and Away – Hoff

Our Brain & the Power of Self-Calming Habits – Williams (part 2)

Power Struggles vs. Setting Limits – Skaggs (handouts)

Big Thoughts in A Big World – Dove

The “Super” Power of Positive Relationships – Skaggs

Prevention at its Best: Maybe There IS an “I” in Team – Reiling (handouts given at workshop)

Rise & Shine – Daley (handouts not available)

Leadership Lessons from the Lab – Trudeau

I dare you! – Daley

Mastering Nonprofit Leadership Transitions – Meripolski

Connecting Your Habits to Your “Why” – Whitthorne (handouts not available)

Children of Incarcerated Parents: The Dual Punishment – Williams

Implementing Change from a Program Management Perspective – Wilkins (additional handouts)